Sunday, December 04, 2005

dreams from 93

Had a dream that there was a submarine at the pier. I climbed
aboard -- always wanted to see the insides of one of those
claustrophobic things! -- and the crew were all people I knew,
except that I didn't recognize any of them. Their crew uniform
was a tattered t-shirt with a big "We are the Enemy" logo on the
It was all downhill from there.

Had a dream that I was in some kind of accident, and a steel
rod went through me. It was about an inch in diameter. It went
in just below my ribcage, and came out just under my hip (i.e. the
butt area). The doctors couldn't figure out why I was still
alive, but since I had no insurance, they wouldn't take out the
rod: they just sawed it down a bit and let me go.
The dream went on for hours, while I learned to walk with this
thing sticking out. Sleeping was probably the worst time, because
I kept stretching and tearing and bleeding. No matter how I
tried, I could not walk naturally: I had a stiff, bent-over gait
which kept me staring at the ground all the time.
Toward the end, I learned to deal with it. I ended up playing
basketball with some guys on a dirty street corner, but it tore up
my insides, and I bled to death.

-- from my journal 6/3/93

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