Friday, December 16, 2005

Keeper of all things

Lok stood guard at the Tower of Ro-zan. No infidels or unworthy fools would get past him to see the Tapestry of the Ages. The secrets of life itself were contained in the subatomic weave of the Tapestry, and the secrets must be protected. Imagine if any fool on the streets could learn the transmutations!

He stood unmoving. He took his role seriously. If the life-signs along the Road tripped his alarms, he would swoop down and blast the area. None would survive.

Over the years, he turned to stone, as his own thread within the Tapestry played out. The world beyond the Valley had changed. The secrets were still there in the Tower, but their language had been lost.

When the infidels finally stormed the Valley in force, they found the Tower empty, except for some cobwebs up near the vaulted ceiling. Those cobwebs had once been so much more. The mob left, infuriated. They burned their witches on the way out.

New spiders began work on a new Tapestry, and the Ages wore on.


fresh from the brain stem 12/16/05
Image drawn/rendered by me, for AlphaDrive 001 (1997)

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