Tuesday, December 20, 2005

the Network, act I

patterns on the ground
    ground shifting with lights
lights from the air
    air of the night
night weaves the Network
    the Network unique
night casts the backdrop
    for these city streets


For fun, this is the oldest poem of mine to ever get published.
Written in 1983 (age 17).
-- accepted by Midnight Wine (folded)
-- published in Starsong #7 (3/89)


Renee' Barnes said...


Hi, this is Renee' (msQTpi) from writerschatroom.

It is fun to look back isn't it.

My first published piece can be found at Glenn's site www.comicwidows.com the direct url is: http://www.comicwidows.com/crossover/index.php?link=0030

Thanks for the brag. I'll be sure to include it ;)


scott vee said...

Hi Renee,

I didn't see this comment when originally posted. But we've crossed paths plenty of times since then. Glad to hear you're getting your work out there. Got a kick out of the Zen pickle comment at the end of your article ... ;-)